Pathara Transport Limited established company since October11, 1996 and provide services land/river/sea transportation of cargo by marine and transfers of cargo at sea for an extended period of time. The company, wishing to fully meet the needs of its customers, has opened a terminal and offers a fleet of transport trucks to fulfill customers' needs. Presently, the company has developed the efficiency of its entire staff by implementing ISO 9001-2000 standards, in order for customers' needs to be taken care of ably and satisfactorily.

Details of the company and other companies in the network.

- Pathara Transport Limited
Transports cargo by marine using modern motorboats and barges.

- Pathara Stevedoring and Service Limited
Transfers cargo at sea using modern machinery.

- Pathara - Nakorn Luang Limited
Operates a port and transport of cargo over land using modern machinery and trucks.

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